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If you want to explore the international standard of royalty free music library, MasterJingle have a collection of commercial licensed royalty free music for your privileged video projects. We have composed plenty of excellent tracks and royalty free music clips, for different genre video content. Here, you will find our extensive collection of royalty free music, includes:

• Classical
• Hip Hop Rap Beats
• Rock
• Folk
• Western
• Natural sound effects like water, bird, terror and many more

These are just a few to mention. Use them to highlight your video theme and create an incredible audio experience for your listeners.

Complement your visual content with our masterpiece copyright free jingles track to get more polished, real and engaging sound effects that can awestruck your audience’s.

Gamut Of Royalty Free Music For Videos

We have established our own royalty free music site with an aim to let people free of all copyright issues and can use our carefully selected instrumental music for an indefinite period with no legal worries.

Make Your Video Sounds Incredibly Amazing!

Delight your audience’s attention and interest with our best royalty free music and sound effects that have the X factor to leave a long-lasting impression on the listener’s mind. We have listed the world-class royalty-free stock music gives you the freedom to pick the music you need in your creative project, be it-

• YouTube Videos
• Advertisement
• Music album
• Documentary
• Wedding video
• Corporate project

All of our royalty free music clips are created by brilliant music professionals. All genres of royalty free music, from pop to soothing, inspiring and energetic music kits, you’re always sure to find the world-class quality classical music to make your project sound effective with royalty free music for videos that grabs your audience’s attention in seconds.

MatserJingle is a full-service music royalty free library delivering only gems royalty free music download, so that you’ll be able to distribute your content worldwide without breaking your license restrictions, all rights cleared.

MasterJingle’s Royalty Free Music Library has a very easy-to-use client interface; with the Direct Search, Advanced Search or Search by Artist, you will be able to find the right track for your project in just a few seconds.

We know that sometimes, searching for the perfect track requires the listening of long playlists, and this can take a lot of time.

The Direct Search allows you to choose between Music Style, Mood or type of Project, and in the next step, you get the list of the tunes that fit your Clips most.

With the Advanced Search, instead, you can select at the same time different Styles, Moods or Projects so that your choice can be very precise. The more tags you select, the more targeted will be your results.
Research on Master Jingle is easy and gratifying and you can really find the best Royalty Free Music for you.

If you need some special tracks, like short Advertising Jingles, you can go to the section Sound Logos, and there you can find Royalty Free Sounds for different uses.

All the tracks on MasterJingle are Royalty Free Download; from our Player, you can download the Main Track, the Loop Sets, and the Short Versions to be tried over your project. We built our library for video makers who need Royalty Free Music for Videos which are ready for the editing.

With the Loop Sets, included in your purchase with the License, you can create many different versions of the track you chose. On MasterJingle you will find Royalty Free Music Clips easy and fast so that you can dedicate your time to create the soundtrack.

MasterJingle’s Music Library is made by expert composers from all over the world, and for that, it offers a wide choice of music. It is conceived for professional use at a competitive price. We offer Licenses for Royalty Free Music for Commercial Use (the Business License). If your project is no-profit or just doesn’t need any earnings, you can purchase the Standard License at an even lower price.

Royalty Free means that the music can be used in a multimedia project after paying a one-time fee, without any additional costs, and in accordance with the terms of the purchased license.

The term is usually referred to a license or a contract between an artist/studio and a user, in which every term of use is defined.

The composer is not represented by any royalty collecting agency and can independently manage his/her copyright.

The raising demand of musical tracks for the TV market has created in many countries a complex star-system.

The TV and Cinema fields gather many expertise, offer many job possibilities and influence the culture in a significant way.

From the intellectual idea to the creation of a track, musical production had a drastic evolution through the past years. The ways of writing, post-production and sale radically changed, allowing even a small team to create high quality works.

To satisfy this need, there are agencies offering ready-to-use musical tracks, together with licenses that allow to employ the music without additional costs. These collections are called Royalty Free Music Libraries, and their composers are not part of royalty collecting societies (aka P.R.O.)

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