Royalty Free Classical Music

Heirs receive royalties until 70 years from composer’s death. That’s one of the reasons why we could sometimes hear famous classical compositions used as telephone waiting-list messages or mailboxes; it wasn’t necessary to pay the copyright. 

Producers could also evade the performance right by letting the computer play the music. The property of the digital support guarantees the earnings. 

Musicians who play this kind of music become owners of the performance right. If they are also producers, they are also considered owners of the digital or electronic support, which is called recorded Master. 

Nowadays, with Royalty Free Classical Music Online, we can employ thousands of classical compositions without having to pay the royalty, but only the performance right. 

In MasterJingle’s Library, you can find a selection of Royalty Free Classical Songs. Ancient, modern or contemporary compositions, created and performed by music composers from all over the world. 

MasterJingle is always searching for new versions of famous classical songs which copyright is expired. We commit to our composers also Live Classical Music, so that we can offer a different an updated Music Library.

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