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1. Copyright

The content of this website is protected under the Law n. 633 of April 22nd, 1941. All rights concerning published texts, included rights referred to clause 102 of the Law 633/1941, are property of the authors and MasterJingle. Therefore, the use, reproduction, imitation, extraction and re-use of all or any part of the published material by any means and without the written approval of the creator and -in any case- of the website manager, is forbidden. Links on other websites are allowed and you may submit the content of the website to third parties, provided that the copy is accurate and faithful and free of charge. Any link must contain the indication of MasterJingle as source and the full name of the website. MasterJingle is not liable for the contents and inserted credits on the website as indicated by the artists, nor is it liable for any damage connected to navigation as it is not compelled to any activity to monitor websites that may be linked.

2. Pricing and Prevention

In accordance with Legislative Decree no.70 of April 9th, 2003, at the page “Licenses” of the website, prices and rates of music licensing services are clearly and unequivocal indicated. Furthermore, the possibility to request customized license services is also indicated. For this service, prices may vary depending on the client’s requirements. In accordance to article 17 of the Legislative Decree 70/2003, MasterJingle undertakes to inform the Judicial Authority and to provide, without delay, the information in its possession, if aware of any illicit activities carried out through its website.

3. Music on the website

The tracks used as background music of the website are periodically changed and are available in the library. These tracks are exclusive property of MasterJingle.

4. Dispute Resolution

According to the directive ADR for consumers 2013/11/UE and to the Regulation ADR of 2013, the user of the website is not obliged to contact a lawyer in case of disputes but may activate an alternative solution mechanism.

5. Privacy Policy (Information pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree no.196 of June 30th, 2003)

Dear Customer, MasterJingle wishes to inform You that the processing of Your personal data will be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and privacy, in accordance with the Code on the protection of personal data. MasterJingle’s activities are carried out in full compliance with international, european and national standards of privacy and data protection. In addition to the content published on this page, clarifications can be requested from MasterJingle at In addition, pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree no.196/2003 we provide You the following information:
5.1. Nature and purpose of handled data
The handling of your personal and fiscal data will last for the duration of the contractual relationship with the sole purpose of ensuring the proper fulfillment of the legal and fiscal obligations derived from the contractual necessities, in process or future, entered with You or with Your company. The data will be processed also after the extinction of the relationship, for the fulfillment of legal obligations required and for administrative and commercial purposes.
5.2. Method of data treatment
The processing of your data will occur through the use of appropriate tools and procedures to ensure its security and confidentiality and can be carried out either by means of paper media or computer tools.
5.3. Obligation or authority of data conferring
Regarding to the data we are obliged to possess in order to fulfill the obligations laid down by laws, regulations and Community legislation, or by provisions laid down by the authorities and by the supervisory and control agencies, missing information from your sde implies the impossibility of establishing and/or continuing the contractual relationship, as far as such information is necessary for the execution of the contract. Regarding non-obligatory data, their non-delivery will be evaluated for each single case by MasterJingle, which will decide on the relevance of the requested and unpublished data.
5.4. Communication and diffusion
The site may use “cookie” technology to obtain information aimed at obtaining statistical analysis of site usage and to allow some services that require the identification of the user’s path through the navigation pages. The used “cookies” can be either anonymous or registered, and are used to identify the person by intersection with possible databases and/or to speed up identification for access to restricted parts of the site and special custom services, and only for those users who have previously agreed with the registration. If You prefer, You can change the settings, but some features on the site may be precluded. Your data may be communicated by MasterJingle to third parties in the following terms:
  1. –  To those who can access data under instruction of Law, within the limits set by these rules;
  2. –  To those who need to access to Your data for auxiliary purposes concerning the relationship between you and MasterJingle
  3. –  To our consultants, after our missive of assignment imposing the duty of confidentiality and security
5.5. Ownership and responsibility for data treatment
According to art.7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the data controller is Mr.Valerio Antognelli, legal representative of MasterJingle Srls, with registered offices in Via Meleta no. 37, 02041 – Casperia (RI), Italy. E-mail:

6. Description of Licenses

6.1. Standard License
The Standard License is granted by MasterJingle for all music tracks published on the Platform and is valid worldwide, in perpetuity and not in exclusive, within the limits of Law in Italy and abroad. Through the Standard License you can synchronize and combine the music track you purchased for all your works, multimedia projects that you intend to achieve and with non-profit purposes, which you can publish exclusively on the web and in general on telematic networks. Additionally, if you are a photographer or a video maker (professional or amateur) you are authorized (also for profit), to synchronize and match the track you purchased to your video/photo projects, which you’ll be able to publish and communicate on the web or in general on telematic networks and distribute -even in analog format (CD, DVD, etc.)- directly to those who have commissioned the production. Generally, when using the Standard License, MasterJingle allows you to use the purchased track in your Apps or Games, on Social Media together with your slide shows or presentations, for your advertising on the web (including also pre-roll advertising), and to create your own videos of any type to share on the major platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc.) However, all works and video projects must not exceed the maximum duration of 30 (thirty) minutes. The Standard License also covers all uses for your Web Radio and Web TV, provided that they do not pursue any profit. Download MasterJingle Standard License Sample in PDF
6.2. Business License
The Business License is granted by MasterJingle for all music tracks published on the Platform and is valid worldwide, in perpetuity and not in exclusive, within the limits of Law in Italy and abroad. Through the Business License you can synchronize and combine the music you purchased for all your work, multimedia projects and video/photo projects (including videos exceeding 30 minutes, movies, for profit and/or commercial purposes, feature films, etc.). In general, through the Business License you can customize your business and give a touch of peculiarity to all of your works, multimedia projects and video/photo projects. Download MasterJingle Business License Sample in PDF
6.3. Custom License
Are you looking for a license that allows you to use multiple tracks on the MasterJingle platform? Do you wish to work directly with a MasterArtist because you like his/her style, rhythm and quality and you want to involve him/her directly in your projects? Are you a film maker interested in a unique and exclusive license on multiple tracks? MasterJingle, in response to your needs, offers you a Custom License. This is a taylor-made concession based on your requests, which will allow you in very short time to get exclusive music licensing services. If you are interested in a Custom License, please send an e-mail with all your contact information to, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.  

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