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How to navigate mj video tutorial

Music “Jolly Ukulele” by Josh Gapasin
Welcome to MasterJingle, we will show you how to navigate. On the homepage you can find our Library, which you can see also as a first option on the drop-down list. By clicking on it, the following options will be shown: Direct Search which allows you to see the list which corresponds to the selected genre, mood or project. Advanced Search, you can choose between “At least of selected tags is present” or “All selected tags are present At The Same Time”. If you choose the first one, you can find all the tracks which contain at least one of the selected tags; if you choose second one, you can find only the tracks which contain all the selected tags at the same time. With free search you can enter a key word and find all the tracks related to it. As a last option, you can search by artist. Happy browsing!

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