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how to find your track mj video tutorial

Music “Jolly Ukulele” by Josh Gapasin
Welcome to MasterJingle, we will show you how to find your track in a fast and easy way. Select the Direct Search and choose one feature. You will have a list of tracks. Let’s see how the player works: from the left side you can see the title and artist’s name, bpm, length, the different versions of the track you choose (main, loop set and 15, 30, 60 seconds versions), and on the right the purchase options based on the license you need. By clicking on the track, the player will appear below, showing again main track, loop set and short versions. On the right side of the player there will be small blue buttons with Info, which have the tags of the track. Share, to share the track with someone by email. The arrow, which allows you to download the complete package of the track for a trial (the trial version is in mp3 and has a vocal marker). The shopping cart to complete your purchase. Don’t forget to Login or Register before purchasing. Last, you can add your favourite tracks to your personal playlist by clicking on the heart (for this option you need to login). Have fun and, as always, stay tuned!  

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