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1. General Information

What is royalty free music?
The music purchased on MasterJingle Library is royalty free. This means that between the copyright owner and the user (our client) there is no royalty collecting society (PRO – performance right organization). Royalty-free is a definition that indicates a type of contract between two entities (agency and and user), where the first grants the second the right to use a resource (the musical track). Once you purchase the License on MasterJingle (Standard or Business), you can use the track without limits of time and without having to pay other costs, of course within the conditions indicated in the License. The owner of the License (the composer or MasterJingle) remains anyway the owner of the copyright connected with the music, distribution rights included.
How do the Licenses work, and which are the restrictions?
We have three different Licenses: Standard, Business and Custom.
  • Standard License
The Standard License is granted by MasterJingle for all music tracks published on the Platform and is valid worldwide, in perpetuity and not exclusively, within the limits of the international and Italian law. Through the Standard License you can synchronize and combine the music track you purchased for all your works, multimedia projects that you intend to realize and with non-profit purposes. You can publish the projects exclusively on the web and in general on telematic networks. Additionally, if you are a photographer or a video maker (professional or amateur) you are authorized (also for profit), to synchronize and match the track you purchased to your video/photo projects, which you will be able to publish on the web or in general on telematic networks and distribute -even in analog format (CD, DVD, etc.)- directly to those who have commissioned the production. Generally, using the Standard License, MasterJingle allows you to use the purchased track in your Apps or Games, on Social Media together with your slide shows or presentations, for your advertising on the web (including also the pre-roll advertising), and to create your own videos of any type to share on the major platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc.) However, all works and video projects must not exceed the maximum duration of 30 (thirty) minutes. The Standard License also covers all uses for your Web Radio and Web TV, provided that they do not pursue a profit. For more details: MasterJingle Standard License
  • Business License
The Business License is granted by MasterJingle for all music tracks published on the Platform and is valid worldwide, in perpetuity and not exclusively, within the limits of the international and Italian law. Through the Business License you can synchronize and combine the music you purchased for all your work, multimedia projects and video/ photo projects (including video over 30 minutes, movies, for profit and/or commercial purposes, feature films, etc.). In general, through the Business License you can customize your business and give a touch of peculiarity to all of your works,  multimedia projects and video/photo projects.
For more details: MasterJingle Business License
  • Custom License
Are you looking for a license that allows you to use multiple tracks from the MasterJingle platform? Do you wish to work directly with a MasterArtist because you like his/her style, rhythm and quality and you want to involve him/her directly in your projects? Are you a film maker interested in a unique and exclusive license on multiple tracks? MasterJingle, in response to your needs, allows you to obtain a Custom License. This a taylor-made concession based on your requests, which will allow you in very short time to get exclusive music licensing services. If you are interested in a Custom License, please send an e-mail with all your contact information to MasterJingle at the following address, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
Can i download a track to make a try on my project?
Yes! You can download directly from the player all versions (Main, Short/ Medium/Long and Loops) of the tune to make a try. You will receive then the mp3 fils with the MasterJingle voiceover.
How do i receive the music once purchased?
After clicking on Purchase–>Check Out, you will be directed to the payment page. Once payed a page will open where you can directly download the zip file of your tune, and where you also can find your invoice and the license. The music you will receive will be without voiceover. You will also receive an email with the personalized License and receipt, and an alternative download link for the music. In your purchase history page you can download your tune and the invoice every time you want.
Is refund provided?
There is no refund provided once you buy a track.
Can I purchase music from your site and make a different version of it?
Yes you can! Once purchased, you can modify the track, sing or play over it, synchronize and edit it in combination with your multimedia project.
Can i publish an album with the track, possibly modified by me?
You are not allowed to publish an album containing only the music and monetize it. Depending on the License, you can publish the track in synchronization with your multimedia project, but you cannot deposit it under your name and/or publish the single track.
Once modified, can i deposit the track on a royalty collecting society in my name?
If you modify a track you are not allowed to deposit it as your own track, but you can deposit your multimedia project containing the modified track.
If i publish the project containing the track, am i obligated to indicate the artist’s name?
You can mention the name of the composer, but you are not obligated to do so.

2. Our Products

What is a Main Track, Short/Medium/Long Version and a Loop Set?
Where possible, we offer our music in different versions and with some additional features.
A Main Track is always provided. Almost of every tune there are Short/ Medium/Long Versions (15, 30, 60 seconds), ideal for TV and Radio advertising, or podcasts, or any project that requires short fragments. In addition you can find different Loop Sets, made with relevant elements of the tune which you can loop/use as single elements in your projects.

3. Problem Solving

I purchased the track but i didn’t receive the email.
Please check in your spam folder.
I’ve lost the music, the invoice or the License, what can i do?
If you lose your track or License, please access your purchase history and download everything again.
Why is the final price slightly higher than the license fee?
All our prices are without VAT, which is calculated at the moment of payment according to the VAT percentage in your Country.
Why did i find extra fees on my credit card?
MasterJingle doesn’t charge any extra fee for purchases with credit card. In case of extra fees, this depends on your credit card contract.
I uploaded my project on a social network or multimedia platform (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.) and it was blocked, why?
Our Licenses guarantee that all the tracks are original and can be used freely on all social network and multimedia platforms. However some sites could mistake them for copyright protected tracks. In this case, you can submit the license, which proves your right to use the track.

4. Data Protection

Is MasterJingle secure?
MasterJingle uses a SSL certificate of identity, Actalis, to guarantee the authenticity and security of the website and server.
Which payment system does MasterJingle use?
We receive payments trough PayPal. You can use either a PayPal account or the main credit cards for secure payment.
Will MasterJingle share or sell my email address and personal information to anyone?
MasterJingle respects your privacy and will NOT share, give, rent or sell the email addresses or personal information of its clients to any third party.

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