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Monthly review of MasterJingle composers and their royalty free music


… I prefer to work as a team and majority of the time, i split the work depending on the area of expertise of the team member.

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… Sometimes it is just a melody in my head that I then play with my instrument and the track comes out spontaneously.

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… Be passionate about writing music and look for your own musical voice that no one else is able to give to listeners.

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Video editing, video production, motion graphics & more…

Voice Over Screencast

Timbre Wolf here for MasterJingle.com, he shows you how to record your voice over directly in Final Cut Pro X.

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How to navigate

To use the website

how to navigate

We will show you how to navigate. On the homepage you can find our Library, which you can see also as a first option on the drop-down list. By clicking on it, the following options will be shown…

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how to find your track

We will show you how to find your track in a fast and easy way. Select the Direct Search and choose one feature. You will have a list of tracks. Let’s see how the player works…

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how to purchase a track

We will show you how to purchase a track. Once you have logged in and found the tune you want, you can choose between Standard and Business License, and you can buy either from the…

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