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How to add sound to a video

respecting the copyright of a composer which is member of a P.R.O.

How many times did happen that we needed to add sound to our multimedia project and we didn’t know how to do it legally?

To answer this question is necessary to clarify some legal aspects that will allow us to understand how to behave.

Normally, composers (as authors) are inscribed to royalty collecting societies, know as P.R.O. (performing right organization). These societies provide to the collection of the earnings related to the use of their members’ works. They also guarantee the legality of audiovisual material.

Music is continuously used in private or public environment, for artistic or commercial reasons: radio, TV, theater or simply at home.

It would be impossible for the composers to control the use of their works, and the P.R.O.’s play a very important role.

If we need to use the music from a composer member of such agencies, we should contact the P.R.O. of our country and ask for the permission to use it.
The P.R.O. will give a temporary license (renewable), which regulate the use of the music, according to the needs of the user and the composer’s rights.

The prices of these licenses are in general quite expensive.

It is not compulsory for the artists to be part of these associations, especially if their works aren’t continuously played without his/her control.
In this case the composer can freely manage his/her works and define for any case the terms of use and the payment, directly with the user.

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